Easter Cocktails

Martini glass and sprinkles

Hopefully you’re all on your Easter holidays, so maybe it’s time for the first drink of the long weekend? Here are a few of our Easter favourites, ranging from fresh, floral spring-inspired recipes, through tangential puns to sickly sweet chocolate concoctions.

May the bunny be good to you!

Nutella Negroni (Duck & Waffle)

Equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth and a Nutella infusion stirred, strained and served in a recycled Nutella jar.  A bitter chocolate orange and hazelnut twist on the Italian classic.

Applejack Rabbit (Savoy Cocktail Book)

One for the Fox to chase.  Shake 50ml applejack, 20ml fresh lemon juice, 20ml fresh orange juice and 15ml maple syrup with cubed ice for twenty seconds.  Strain and serve in a chilled coupe glass.  Maybe leave one out for the Easter Bunny?

Easter Spritz (Fox & Beagle)

A long martini style drink with birch vermouth and a mist of Elderflower to welcome the incoming British spring weather. Stir 35ml gin, 15ml Blackdown silver birch dry vermouth with cubed ice for thirty seconds. Strain into a chilled highball glass and top with soda, a barspoon of Orgeat (almond syrup) and a mist of elderflower liqueur.

Milkybar Snowball (Duck & Waffle)

Another special edition from the chaps at the top of the Heron Tower, this features Milkybar infused Advocaat, distilled lemon and sugar finished with a prosecco spritz.  One for the white chocolate fans.

Hot Cross Rum (Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings)

Not just a pretty pun. This modern twist on a classic flip (a rum, egg and sugar concoction ‘flipped’ with a hot red poker). This drink combines dark rum and a home-made hot cross bun syrup which are shaken with a whole egg and finished with a cross of cinnamon.

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