Pistachio Sour

Photo courtesy of mjtmail, some rights reserved

The second of my ‘around the world’ themed cocktails (see Strawberry Fields for an explanation) took in the pistachio trees of the Middle East, the lemon groves of Asia, the sugarcane plantations of the tropics and the corn fields of the American South with a nutty twist on the classic Whiskey Sour. This drink wasn’t as well suited to scaling up to pitcher size (you get a much better texture/mouthfeel from the egg white if you shake these individually), but the proportions below will suit any sized vessel:

  1. Shake 50ml bourbon, 25ml parts lemon juice, 12.5ml pistachio syrup, 12.5ml simple syrup, 25ml egg white and a dash of bitters with cubed ice for twenty seconds.
  2. Strain back into the shaker and dry shake (no ice) for a further ten seconds.
  3. Double strain into a rocks glass over ice and garnish with some ground pistachios or a cherry.

(Don’t be put off by the murky browny-green colour of this one, it is delicious!)

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